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ADR-044 Change to Event-Driven Architecture


Decided, 2023-10-04
Supersedes ADR-031 Use serverless functions


The Polyglot Media system is currently a distributed system consisting mostly of serverless functions. Moving from a monolith to a distributed serverless architecture was done to tackle problems with the responsiveness of the live system and a long lead time between functionality and bug fixes being coded and deployed to production.

Serverless architecture has not solved the problems with responsiveness or maintainability to the degree required, with functions being tightly coupled with many other functions.

A solution to the problems of responsiveness and time-to-market must be found.


We will use event-driven architecture due to its responsiveness and scalability, and the limited tradeoffs compared to the other two options. Event-driven also scores the highest of the three options on the most important criterion: responsiveness.




LICENSE: CC BY 4.0 (Jacqui Read /

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